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This mapping solution is an indigenous tool for integrating current data and maps. It's strong and malleable architecture enables customization for client-specific needs.

Power Maps Web Application is used to map power-lines, routes, transformers of various capacities and calculate the length of low tension and high tension power lines, along with other specifics.

power infrastructure development mapping software

Benefits of using Power Maps

  • It is a single window system for viewing available network of high tension and low tension lines, transformers' position and capacity, etc. It streamlines assessing of requirement for a new power line network in an area.
  • Current data can be assimilated immediately on a map.
  • Power Maps give you the ease of viewing all projects' current status.
  • Authorised users can work on the same project concurrently.
  • All users' activity can be traced. This ensures security, credibility and responsibility for data.
  • Power Maps create a hub for partnering with branch and field offices and service providers in real time.
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